• - This is CIVIC, the organization that I volunteer with that visits people in detention in Richmond at the West County Detention Facility. Let me know if you are interested. We visit on Fridays 12:30-3, or you can be paired with an individual to visit at other times.
  • - ICE Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) is the official name of what we think of as ICE. If someone is picked up in this area, they will be processed in San Francisco at 630 Sansome Street. (415) 844-5512. They are then moved to a detention facility.
  • - If you have a name and country of birth you can find out detention status: In Custody or Not In Custody, if in custody then which facility. This is useful if a family doesn't know where their family member is and think they might be being held. It asks for birthdate, but you can leave that blank if you don't know it and it will still find the person if they are in detention.
  • - Information on West County Detention Facility in Richmond - Includes How to contact a person detained, Hours of Visitation.
  • - Open an account to accept calls from people in WCDF detention. You will need put money into it. It's expensive: $1.00 for 4 minutes, plus a fee to add funds.
  • - Open an account to send an email or money to a person in WCDF detention. The email will be printed out and given to them. You will not be able to get a response email.
    You can also send money. The minimum is $20. If you want to send less, you can call Access Corrections at 866-394-0490. This company has merged with smartdeposit.
  • - Open an account to send snacks, beverages, hygiene, and misc items to people in WCDF detention.
  • - If you have the A number of the person in detention, you can call and get information on a persons hearing status. Call 1-800-898-7180.
  • - San Francisco Immigration Court. 415-705-4415


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